We are experts in the development of cloud-based software. But maybe you’re not sure what cloud-based software is or why you might need it. So, here’s our straightforward overview of our cloud-based software:

  • Accessible anywhere. The software is hosted on the Internet (often referred to as “in the cloud”). You, your employees, your customers, your suppliers (whoever you want) can use your software wherever you want: at the main office, in branch offices, at home, on the train, in your car (not while you’re driving of course!), at a customer location – anywhere that the Internet is accessible.
  • Device independent. Your software can be used on a Mac, Windows PC, Linux PC, smartphone and tablet.
  • Low capital expenditure. You don’t need to buy your own expensive computer servers up front and you don’t need to employ anyone to manage them. You pay for whatever resources you need as you need them.
  • Rapid scalability. As your business grows and the demands on your software grows, the resources required to run the software can grow with you.

We build our software with security and privacy at the core:

  • Only authenticated and authorized users can access the private area of your system.
  • Access to individual customer data is protected so that only users with the correct permissions can view it.
  • We implement the latest best-practise methods and techniques to block illegal attempts to access your system.